2011 Mission and Newsletter

Over forty-five volunteers participated during the tenth International Healthcare Volunteers, (IHCV) medical mission to Ghana. 2011 IHCV medical mission was extremely successful. IHCV attended to approximately 850 patients and performed ninety-three major surgeries in eight working days in four towns in Ghana – Apam, Cape Coast, Kumasi, and Mampong.

Since the inception of IHCV in 2001, the organization has taken care of 9,500 patients and performed over five hundred major surgeries. IHCV continues its annual educational endeavors by providing continued medical education (CME) to healthcare providers. IHCV collaborated with the Ghana College of Physicians and surgeons to provide the annual CME program held at Accra this past August. IHCV provides community outreach through major support to orphanages in Cape Coast and Kumasi as well as providing Blood Pressure Screening in Cape Coast. Locally, IHCV supports the New Jersey Family Health Services – an organization located in Camden that supports single mothers and their children. The single mothers are taught various parental and job skills.