The goal of every medical mission is to provide optimal care to underserved women and their families as well as provide support for the health professionals in these underserved countries.

Our unique and successful medical mission strategy is to provide safe medical and surgical care for our patients around the world as well as building long-term sustainable solutions.

We mobilize medical professionals across the United States to treat underserved women and their families who lack access to basic health care. We are most proud of the legacy we leave after each mission of trained medical staff, surgical equipment and professional partnership to help carry on the work after our mission team has left.

On a typical mission, a team of up to 30 medical professionals (anesthesiologists, anesthetist, nurses, pediatricians, internists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, OB/GYN, perinatologists, gynecology oncologists, urogynecologists, urologists, surgical oncologists, general surgeons, psychologists, students and community volunteeers) from the United Stated travel to a partner country to treat underserved women and their families for a two-week period. Our teams are organized with both in-country and international volunteers and include liaisons, mission coordinators and junior volunteers.